USERFARM - video to share. We are curated video crowdsourcing

Userfarm is a world leader in innovative video content. With a crowd of 120,000 talented filmmakers in 140 countries we produce video with unmatched quality, authenticity creativity and diversity.

Userfarm was the first company to introduce the model of curated video crowdsourcing.

Since then our vibrant global community of filmmakers has grown to become one of the leader in video production. We made hundreds of films every month for Social Video, Virals, TV commercials and much more. 

We are also a world leader in Vertical Video – the fastest-growing video format and ideal for mobile screens. Clients of our crowd video production include brands, creative agencies and TV channels. Our crowd’s creative video has been shown at prestigious film festivals like Cannes, Tribeca and Venice. 

Our curated video crowdsourcing approach offers tailor made responses to your marketing and content needs. We turn your brief into hundreds of videos, feeding the brand universe. 

Userfarm crowd videos create an unlimited source of insight, inspiration and high quality content for the multi-channel communication of the brand.

The crowd is also the best way to ensure true diversity and avoid gender stereotyping in your content. 


Via Prenestina 683
00155 Roma, ROME
Ph: +39066920501


Via Maroncelli 13
20154 Milano, MILAN
Ph: +3902290911



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USERFARM - video to share. We are curated video crowdsourcing
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