CINECITTA' DISTRICT ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2009 to add more value to Cinecittà Studios taking advantage of brand reputation.

CINECITTA' DISTRICT ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2009 to add more value to Cinecittà studios in Via Tuscolana, Rome, through b2b and b2c activities taking advantage of  brand reputation . Cinecittà District Entertainment assumed responsibility of the location management activities for institutional and corporate events in Cinecittà Studios in autumn 2010. Over the years they have increased the number of locations for their events, and today they have at their disposal two studios, for a total space of 2,200 SQM. This includes an enormous set furnished with a tensile structure of 900 SQM. They can also use has event locations Fellini Palace and Cinecittà Café. In the spring of 2011, the exhibition “Cinecittà Si Mostra” was inaugurated, with the aim of bringing the public to Cinecittà locations. In the December of 2013 Cinecittà Café was inaugurated: it is a Cinecittà concept store with his own flagship in the Studios.


Since its creation, Cinecittà District Entertainment has hosted more than 200 events. Besides locations, Cinecittà District Entertainment offers a great number of ancillary services, such as technological and scenic set-ups and catering. Cinecittà District Entertainment fosters the image of Cinecittà as the “most exclusive location in Rome”, presenting it as a special destination and promoting its business.  During the years Cinecittà District Entertainment has rearranged the spaces in many other studios and permanent sets inside the Studios, giving its active help in giving new life to a primary infrastructure.

“CINECITTÀ SI MOSTRA” (Cinecittà shows off)

“Cinecittà si Mostra” is a cultural initiative that since 2011 has allowed people to visit the Studios, the sets that have been used to shoot some Italian and international movies TV series. “Cinecittà si Mostra” has hosted three permanent exhibitions about the history of film, Cinecittà and all the different phases of a movie production:  Perché Cinecittà (Why Cinecittà) (1936 - 1945); Girando a Cinecittà (Shooting in Cinecittà) (1937 - 1989); Backstage. The visit starts in the famous entrance, from which all great movie protagonists passed; then it continues in Palazzina Fellini with the exhibition Perché Cinecittà (Why Cinecittà?) (1936 - 1945), in which the creation of the location is described with pictures, videos and costumes, and where there is a whole room dedicated to Federico Fellini. The journey continues in Palazzina Presidenziale with the exhibitions Girando a Cinecittà (Shooting in Cinecittà) (1937 - 1989) – which narrates the history of movies through a selection of sets, photographs, videos and costumes – and Backstage, an educational and interactive route for students groups and families that helps discover the world of filmmaking through installations and research materials. In addition to the educational materials conceived for schools and adults, every Sunday Cinecittà hosts Cinebimbicittà, a laboratory in which children can discover the secrets of filmmaking.


The Caffè di Cinecittà (Cinecittà Café) is a concept store set up in the style of a movie set; here you can find the merchandising of Cinecittà brand and linked to the cinema industry in general. The Café is in a beautiful location composed by different spaces (bookshop, bistrot, movie theatre, the winter garden and the roman square). The location is highly evocative and has a specific format for food. The items on sale have been chosen with an eye to their quality and their appropriateness for the theme of the venue.


Lamberto Mancini
Giuseppe Basso
Francesca Versace
Location & Key Account Manager
Barbara Goretti
Educational Services Manager
Antonio Rosito
Merchandise Manager


Via Tuscolana 1055



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CINECITTA' DISTRICT ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2009 to add more value to Cinecittà Studios taking advantage of brand reputation.
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